We are promoting a new, expanded concept of peace defending – not only against the wars but also against any deviations from social norms that threaten the health and lives of people.

We discern every such deviation as an emergency situation and consider all of them as a result of defects in process of socialization (upbringing, education) and / or imperfection of security systems.

In modern conditions there is a need to multiply a power of cultural code of each individual, which only makes him (her) a human. The terms of this code are hypersociality, intelligence, ability to work.

We are convinced of need to return to formation of an "ideal citizen", first proclaimed as a goal 2500 years ago in ancient Greece within the framework of "calocagathia" system.

In our opinion long-term directions of human development should be:

- altruism with its models of loyalty and cooperation as an ideology;

- lifelong learning as a leading practice;

- the cult of creation (productive work) instead of the cult of money, aimed at a removal of parasitism and predation from relationships among people.

In spirit of movement for peace’ traditions we see people's diplomacy as a main instrument of our work and in a role of our main methods – a mass enlightenment and a general public dialogue.