Olga Zakharova, chairman of presidium.

Graduate journalist. Expert of exhibition activities. Experienced at several public organizations (since 2006). Previous position –  deputy chairman of Rostov regional department of Russian Peace Foundation.

Igor Skryagin, deputy chairman of presidium.

Graduate economist. PhD. Expert of cognitive ethology of human and semantics of corporate information systems. Experienced in international relations. Scientific project manager.

Alina Krylova, assistant chairman of presidium.

Graduate specialist of communications. Expert of public relations. Experienced

in tourism and philanthropy. Previous position – assistant chairman of Rostov regional department of Russian Peace Foundation.

Andrey Kasyanov, member of presidium.

Graduate engineer-programmer. Expert of corporate information systems and publishing.

Grigory Simovonyan, member of presidium.

Graduate military engineer. Reserve lieutenant colonel. Expert of corporate management. Experienced on top positions of several public organizations.

Sergey Adamov, member of presidium.

Graduate designer. Occupation – painter. Laureate of different exhibitions and awards.

Larisa Kuznetsova, member of presidium.

Graduate technical specialist. Head of Novocherkassk’ branch