Project "We are Russia"

A peaceful life is not just absence of war. That is a creation! At the same time a bearer of creative source is an absolute majority of mankind, whose daily works are often not known to anyone.
A purpose of this project is to promote the achievements in information space that our country can be proud of. Those who claim the title of "national property of Russia". Those are the best places, the best people and their best creations.


Project "Citizen of the World"

The word "peace" in Russian language is a multi-valued concept. This feature is used, in particular, in slogan "Peace to the World!". The same multi-valued concept is also"Citizen of the World."
In our project under its name we mean individuals who are certainly outstanding, cosmopolitan and embodying in practice the idea of ​​peaceful coexistence of all people.
In our opinion to this category belong world travelers. And we begin this project with stories about a citizen of Rostov-on-Don - Russian, living in Canada. This is Sergei Morozov, who made a round-the-world sailing and is about to repeat it on oars.


Project "Genome of Antiquity"

Under the "Genome of Antiquity" is usually understood a contribution of Ancient Greece to European culture (civilization). Our project is aimed not only at promoting this contribution but also in efforts to revive modern Greece as a source and center of positive civilizational influence on the whole world. We consider it not by a chance (but a sign of fate!) that the governing body – the secretariat of the World Peace Council – is located in Athens, capital of Greece.


Project "Calocagathia"

Cultural achievements of ancient Greece were not accidental and based on a complex system of formation of an ideal citizen, which was called "calocagathia".
This system covered literally all aspects of human life and included physical and mental development combined with an ethical and aesthetic personality formation. In modern science the concept of "cognitive education" is discussed as a creative alternative to the mastering of memorized by now. In the framework of our project we will support studies in which the idea of ​​cognitive education will be supplemented by ideas of the "calocagacy" system.


Project "New Age of Enlightenment"

The epoch of enlightenment of 17-18 centuries in Europe was addressed to the intellectual elite, in other words, to the absolute minority of population. In modern conditions of globalization and informatization, an intellectual level of masses is decreasing – their "wildness" takes place. Our project will implement a concept of social network that does not exist to exchange information in interest groups but as a blogosphere for discussing and searching for solutions to the most important and pressing problems of mankind.
In opinion of authors of this project, today's people's diplomacy should look like this: the time has come for a new century of enlightenment, aimed at the vast majority of population and happening with its living participation.
We begin the project "New Age of Enlightenment" with establishment of "People's Diplomacy Club" on the base of our committee.
The main idea of ​​Club is "the art of diplomacy is not to win, but to convince" (I.Alekseev).
Motto of Club: "A diplomat for yourself."
Activity: Education of the Club members in dialogue with each other and representatives of expert community ("the enlighteners").
Subject: From independence of an individual to his (her) self-sufficiency.
Interpretation: Independence is the ability to autonomously implement a survival scenario. Self-sufficiency is the ability to autonomously realize a development scenario.
Purpose of the Club: Acquisition of effective skills of private life by participants.
Head of the Club – Dr. Igor Skryagin, deputy chairman of presidium of our committee.

Project "Forum of Peace"

Various events in format of personal meetings of peace defenders take place more or less regularly but often are not connected with each other and carry a fairly simple and unchanging idea ​​"in order a war will be not". At the same time, life on our planet is rather complicated, and the formal absence of war does not mean that "there is a peace in the world". Within the framework of our project the idea of ​​a permanent forum in defense of peace by peaceful means is realized, taking into account all the complexities of life.
The project will be implemented mainly remotely and as well through personal meetings of participants at various venues, firstly – in the territory of Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region.
This year marks exactly 70 years since beginning of an organized world movement for peace. Manifesto of Cultural Workers for Peace was adopted at the World Congress of Cultural Workers in Wroclaw in August 1948, and in December of the same year in Budapest International Democratic Women's Federation published its Manifesto in defense of peace.
Since then life on our planet has changed in many ways including problems of protecting peace: some threats have disappeared (for example, confrontation in so-called "Cold War"), others have appeared (for example, international terrorism). At the same time declared goals of the organized world movement remain without visible changes (see website of World Peace Council:
Rostov Regional Peace Committee has its own vision of format for activities that is set out on our website Besides we are interested in collecting a "joint opinion" on this matter in expert environment – scientists, experts, public figures.
We hereby announce a first event in the framework of our project "Forum of Peace" entitled "Matter of peace at present. Expert opinions». Personal meeting of its participants is scheduled for September 21 of this year which is known like "International Day of Peace".


Project "Prevention of Emergencies"

Extraordinary situations ("emergencies") in relation to peaceful life should be considered not only natural disasters and anthropogenic accidents. These should include any significant deviations from social norms that threaten the health and lives of people.
In the framework of our project we believe that almost any emergencies occur as a result of actions and (or) inactivity of concrete individuals and it means that they are predictable.
We see a mission of this project in a regular systematic promotion into information space knowledge on prevention of all types of emergencies in our understanding with support of professionals in relevant spheres of human activity.